Tips To Protect Your Water Heater This Winter

Posted on: 17 December 2018


You may worry more about your plumbing pipes during the winter than anything else in your home. Although it's important to keep your plumbing pipes warm in the cold season, it's crucial that you protect your water heater as well. Water heaters can become cold enough to stop working in the winter. Here are tips to keep your water heater warm this winter.

Keep Your Water Heater Warm and Toasty

Most homeowners keep or store their water heaters in open closets. Some homeowners keep their appliances inside their basement or in a small room attached to the house. No matter where you keep your water heater, you want to warm up the room as much as possible. A warm environment can help protect your water heater during cold weather.

You can do a number of things to warm up your water heater's closet or basement, including repairing your windows. Unsealed windowsills and glass can allow cold air to infiltrate the room. The drafty air can make the heater's tank cold. 

If your water heater's pipes and waterlines lack insulation, remedy this issue immediately. The water inside the pipes and lines can freeze if the room or basement becomes too cold inside. Some sources recommend places water heater blankets over your appliance to keep it warm. If you choose to cover your water heater, speak to a plumber first. The wrong type of blanket may catch fire when the water heater reaches a high temperature.

In addition to following the tips above, have a plumber inspect your water heater before the cold season sets in.

Repair Your Water Heater Right Away

If you rely on an old water heater to meet your family's needs, it could have some problems you might not know about. Some of these issues may affect the appliance's heating elements, waterlines, and pipes. The tank may have some rust on it that could lead to corrosion and dangerous water leaks in the future. A plumber can check your water heater and repair it, if needed.

If your water heater is too worn out to repair, a plumber may replace the appliance with a newer model. Your new appliance may come with an insulated tank, water lines, and other features. If you do choose to replace your water heater, do so right away. You don't want to wait until the weather becomes cold enough to affect your current water heater.

For more details about keeping your water heater warm this cold season, contact a plumbing service, like Brother's Plumbing, right away.