4 Solutions To Renovate Damage Sewage And Drain Pipes To Give Them New Life

Posted on: 24 November 2018


If you have a problem with a drainage, sewer line or septic system pipe, it could be to problems like old and outdated materials or problems with roots and other damage. There are methods to restore lines and give them new life, such as sewer jetting, directional drilling and pipelining techniques. Here are some different solutions that can be used to restore damage to sewer lines and drainage pipes:

1. Jetting for Old Materials That Cause Problems with Cracks, Leaks and Blockage

Jetting old materials is one of the easiest ways to clear the blockage and restore flow to sewer lines. This method is good when the problem is small sediment that has gotten into pipes due to cracks and leaks. This method of jetting will help restore flow to the pipes and solve the problem, but the issues will eventually return if the lines are not lined or replaced with new pipes.

2. Directional Drilling for Noninvasive Replacement of Damaged Pipes

Sometimes, the only option to repair damage to sewer lines and drainage pipes is to have them replaced. Replacing lines can cause damage to landscaping that is costly to repair, today, there are directional drilling techniques that can be used to minimize damage to landscaping when you need to have sewer and drainage lines replaced.

3. Dealing with Root Problems and Preventing Them from Coming Back

Do you have trees near the area where you are having problems with pipes? This problem may be caused by roots forming balls inside pipes. If the problem has not gotten too bad, the roots can be removed to free blockage from pipes. You should also consider installing a liner beneath the ground like a root barrier to prevent them from growing in pipes in the future.

4. Lining Old Pipes to Give Them New Life and Prevent Problems with Leaks and Cracks

The old pipes that you have restored with processes like sewer jetting are vulnerable to problems coming back. You will want to have the pipes lined to prevent future damage and problems. Perma liner systems can be installed to fill cracks and stop leaks that allow for sediments and debris to get inside lines and cause blockages.

These are some of the different solutions that can be used to restore life to sewer lines and drainage pipes. If you have pipes that need restoration and repairs, contact a perma liner service to make them more durable, last longer and have fewer problems.