Why Your Shower Is Constantly Clogged Up

Posted on: 27 September 2018


Trying to take a shower while standing in a pool of water is not the ideal experience. It's hard to feel clean when your feet are covered over with dirty water that is full of the debris that should have disappeared down the drain. If your shower seems to constantly become clogged despite your meticulous efforts there might be a few things that you are overlooking. Read over this brief list of possible causes of your drainage problems to see if perhaps one or more of them rings a bell.

Washing Your Hair Can Leave Major Residue

Washing your hair while you're taking a shower is an activity practiced by many people. It just makes sense to go ahead and take care of your hair while you are in the shower getting the rest of your physical frame nice and clean as well.

The only issue that you might be running into involves the shedding that happens during the hair washing process. The hair could be clumping up just beneath the drain in your shower and if this goes on long enough the blockage could become so thick that it no longer allows anything to pass through the pipes and onward to the exit point in your plumbing system.

If this is actually the cause of your drainage problems you are in luck. Just by purchasing a drain strainer and putting it directly over the drains in each one of your showers you can cut down on the number of blockages that comes in to spoil your plans by leaps and bounds. 

Tree Roots Have Infiltrated Your Pipes

You also need to find out if the plumbing problems at your house are happening because of the trees on the property. Trees that are deeply rooted and which have had a lot of time to settle and become entrenched in the soil can become intertwined with the pipes that are nestled beneath your home. If the roots start to wrap around the pipes they can either cause them to tighten up or the roots could actually burst right through the pipes and interfere with the normal evacuation route that wastewater would takes when it leaves your home.

Calling a skilled drain repair plumber and asking them to use a sewer inspection camera can be quite revealing. You'll finally be able to find out why your drains are constantly being clogged and the plumbing professional can help you fix the problem once and for all.