Getting Water In Your Business's Basement When It Rains? 2 Things You Can Do

Posted on: 8 August 2018


When it rains outside, you should not feel the effects inside of your business, even in your basement. Your basement should not get water in it when it rains outside. What you can do to combat the water depends on how and why the water is getting into your basement.

1. Water from a City Sewer Line or Septic Line

If the water is backflow from a city sewer line or a septic line, you can stop the flow of water from this source into your basement. City sewer and septic lines, when too much rain falls, can become overwhelmed by water, causing water to flow backward through the pipes, ending up in your basement.

This issue can easily be prevented though. All you need to do is install a backwater valve on the line where the water is coming from. With a backwater valve, a flapper is installed that will only allow water to travel out of your business. If water tries to flow in the reverse direction, the backwater valve will close shut, preventing water from getting into your basement.

2. Water from Your Foundation

If water is seeping into your basement due to issues with your foundation, there are a host of steps that you can take to prevent water from getting into your basement. First, make sure that your gutters are clean and that water is not flowing over your gutters, down the side of your business, and into your basement. Next, make sure that the dirt around your building is designed to direct water away from your business. Pile up dirt around your building so that it is sloped downward and away. This will help water flow away from your building instead of towards it.

You are also going to need to waterproof your basement. If your basement is made out of cement, you are going to need to seal up the cement. This should help keep water out of your basement. As a backup measure, put a drain tile in your business's basement so that water has somewhere to flow if it does get into your basement. Install a sump pump as well to pump out any water that gets into your basement.

With the right preventative measures in place, you should be able to prevent water from getting into your basement and causing problems every time it rains. You should work with your local commercial plumbing service to find a solution to the water that keeps getting into your basement.