Tips For Preventing Dangerous Septic System Floods

Posted on: 6 June 2018


If you are new to living in a home with a septic system, then you need to know that flooding the system can permanently damage it and lead to thousands of dollars in repair bills. Thankfully, by following each of these important tips you can prevent unnecessary septic tank flooding and keep the system healthy for many years to come:

Tip: Mitigate Exterior Sources of Additional Water

While you probably already realize that your septic system can flood if you use too much water all at once in your home, you may not realize that exterior sources of water can be just as bad. For example, if the storm water from your roof runs off and ponds near the leach field, then the leach field will quickly become over saturated. An over saturated leach field cannot process any water and will send some of the extra water back up the leach lines and into the septic tank. When this reverse flow situation happens, it will cause the tank to fill up and send wastewater back into your home. You can easily avoid this situation by ensuring all storm water on your property drains well away from any portion of the septic system.

Tip: Put Limits on Water Usage in Your Home

Even if you have "free" well water, you must resist the urge to use as much water as you want. For example, while you may love taking long showers or baths in the big soaking tub, introducing a lot of water at one time into the septic tank will cause it to flood. You can prevent flooding by being mindful of how much water your family members are putting into the tank and spacing out the use of water as much as possible.

Tip: Never Compound the Flooding Issue by Adding More Water

If your septic tank has backed up water into your home, then you need to stop introducing any more water into the system. Stop flushing toilets, don't shower, and don't wash any laundry and give the system a chance to drain.

Tip: Have the Solids Regularly Pumped Out of the Tank

In conclusion, one of the most important things you can do to promote the health of your septic system is to have it pumped out on a regular schedule. Pumping removes the liquid and solids from the tank and helps it work much more efficiently. And, an efficiently working septic tank is much less likely to have issues with flooding or backing up water into your home. Contact a plumber for more help.