3 Compelling Reasons to Join a Union as a New Plumber

Posted on: 16 May 2018


As a new plumber, it can be overwhelming and stressful to build a career on your own. Joining a plumber's union may be just what you need to succeed in the long-run. Here are three compelling reasons to join your local plumber's union:

Gain Access to Extra Benefits

As a union member, you may gain access to a variety of extra benefits that aren't available through your employer or that you can't get being self-employed. In addition to making sure that your employer offers quality benefits at the lowest price possible, most plumber's unions offer their own insurance policies and investment opportunities for their members to take advantage of.

So even if you already have medical and dental benefits, your plumber's union might offer supplemental policies at an affordable rate so your healthcare costs are minimal as time goes on. You may also have access to benefits such as pension funds, prescription coverage, and 401K plans.

Your plumber's union will likely also offer a variety of free services and benefits such as advanced training opportunities, designed to help you stay ahead of the competition and ensure optimal profit margins as time goes on.

Enjoy Camaraderie and Support

Another good reason to consider joining a plumber's union is to enjoy enhanced camaraderie among your fellow plumbers and to gain expert support that helps you successfully meet your business goals in the coming years. In addition to official meetings where you and your colleagues get to vote on rules within the union and address workplace legislation that affects everyone within the plumbing industry, you can expect to enjoy functions like family picnics and barbecues throughout the year.

These functions give you the opportunity to expand your network and create relationships with important people within the industry that can help you further your career in one way or another. You'll also make and maintain new friendships that provide you with the work and personal support you need as your career grows.

Rely on Legal Advocacy

If you find yourself in a bind at work due to discrimination, underpayment, or unfair expectations, you'll be happy to have a plumber's union by your side to help you stand up for your rights. Being a member of a plumber's union means being able to tap in to a wide range of advocacy services that will help you navigate through even the stickiest of situations.

Your union will work with your employer to address any concerns you bring to the table, and they'll help you find reliable legal representation should you find yourself in court. In the end, you won't be alone when it comes time to fight for what you think is right in the workplace.