Have Poor Water Pressure? What To Do

Posted on: 20 January 2017


If you are having water pressure problems in the bathrooms and showers in your home, a plumber can help get to the bottom of your showering woes. Having good water pressure can help you take a quicker shower and can help you shower more effectively. If you aren't sure where to start or what needs to be done, you want to talk with the plumber about performing these services for you.

Pipe and Drain Cleaning

Small pipes, clogs in the pipes, or dirt-lined pipes can lower the water pressure in the home. Have a plumber clean out the pipes and the drains throughout your entire plumbing system, and then the water can flow more easily to the shower where the water is distributed. This service can also make the water cleaner. If pipe replacement is needed, talk with the plumber about the most affordable options, like PVC pipes.

New Shower Fixtures

The shower fixture that you use could be a large part of your water pressure problems. There are shower fixtures designed to offer different levels of water pressure. Your old shower feature could be corroded or clogged. Look into new options that have different types of sprays, different pressure levels, or even water-saving features that can lower your water bills.

Hot Water Tank Flush

Your hot water tank could be causing deficiencies in your water supply. If the water tank has a lot of mineral buildup, it isn't filling as much as it could be with water, and you aren't getting the full amount of pressure you could. The minerals from the hot water tank could also be traveling to the shower fixtures and causing the clogs. A flush will remove grime, restore water flow, and clean the water sitting in the hot water tank. The pilot chamber and gas piping may need repairs as well.

There are a lot of things that could be getting in the way of you having good water pressure throughout the home, and trying to do any repairs on your own could jeopardize the hot water pressure and plumbing system. Have a professional plumber from a company like Authority Plumbing and Drain come to your property so they can assess the issues that you're having, and so they can safely repair and replace any appliances, pipes or fixtures. Once you make these improvements you can start to enjoy the water pressure and know that your plumbing issues were fixed correctly.