3 Things You Should Always Hire A Plumber To Do

Posted on: 16 December 2016


While there are some plumbing-related chores you can handle on your own, such as cleaning the trap under your sink or wrapping your exposed pipes with insulation for winter, there are other tasks that are best left to the pros. Here are 3 things that commonly happen in the home that you should consult with a plumber about instead of trying a DIY project.

Drain cleaning or debris removal

If your drains don't appear to be working or you smell a foul odor in them, the first thing you may think of doing is heading to the hardware store to get drain cleaning chemicals. The thing is, most of these chemicals simply coat the inside of your drains or sit on top of clogs and do very little else. A professional plumber is what you need to get rid of the offending clogs or bacteria-ridden debris that is making your drains unbearable. They use special tools to view the interior of your drain pipes to make sure there are no underlying issues as well as have access to better cleaning solutions to clear out your drains for good.

Toilet issues

A random cotton swab or wadded up toilet paper can make your toilet jammed, but a plunger normally gets these smaller items moving along rather quickly. Unfortunately, your toilet will attempt to flush down anything that's put in it, including building blocks, makeup accessories, and more. If your greedy toilet has taken on more than it can handle (usually with the assistance of a toddler) and you cannot fish the item out by reaching your hand or a piece of hooked wire in the entry of the toilet basin, then you need to call a plumber right away. Don't use or flush the toilet so you can keep offending objects where they are and not push them further down your pipes.

Septic draining

Anything having to do with your sewer should be automatically handled by your plumber. A break in the line, sewage backup, or any other accident while cleaning or draining sewage on your own can expose you to nasty and harmful bacteria while allowing sewage into your home or yard. Don't risk it—call a plumber to handle all your septic needs. They have the gear and tools to correctly get any work done while keeping you and your family safe from bacteria and fumes.

You may think of yourself as a handyman, but give yourself a break and let the plumber take care of your home now and then. Your plumbing and family will thank you. For more information, contact local professionals like Plumber Boy.