3 Must-Have Faucet Features For Kids

Posted on: 7 December 2016


Upgrading the bathrooms in your home can easily increase its aesthetic appeal and resale value. If you are planning to remodel a hall bathroom or a jack-and-jill bathroom that your children share, it's important that you renovate with your kids in mind.

The faucets that you choose to incorporate into your bathroom's new design should have these three kid-friendly features to ensure that the new bathroom is functional in the future.

1. Separate taps for hot and cold water.

While a sink with a single tap that can control both hot and cold water output might appear more elegant, these faucets can be dangerous when they are used by children. It can be difficult for a young child to remember which way to turn the faucet in order to access cold water.

Single-tap faucets could lead to accidental burns, so it's always best to invest in a new faucet that has two taps when you are renovating a bathroom that your child will use. You can modernize the look of a two-tap faucet by choosing a model with a high end finish like brushed bronze or chrome.

2. A long spout that extends well into the sink bowl.

The length of the spout is something that can vary from one faucet to another. Instead of investing in a new faucet that has a short spout, opt for one with a longer spout that extends into the bowl of your sink when you are remodeling a bathroom used by children.

Since children have short arms, reaching all the way across the sink's bowl to reach the water flowing from a short spout can be challenging. You can eliminate frustration and messes by ensuring that the spout on your new faucet is long enough to allow your children easy access to water in your remodeled bathroom.

3. A faucet in a brushed finish.

Given the veritable cornucopia of finishes available when it comes to selecting a new faucet for your remodeled bathroom, you may find it difficult to determine which finish will be best suited to meet the needs of your space.

By sticking with a faucet in a brushed finish (like brushed chrome or hammered nickel), you can easily hide smudges and fingerprints that your children will inevitably transfer onto your bathroom's faucet. Polished finishes can be difficult to keep clean, and they tend to show every finger mark or water spot. A faucet in a brushed finish is more kid-friendly.

When you take the time to consider the unique needs of your children when renovating a bathroom they will be using, you can easily select a faucet that will be well-suited to meet their needs in the future.