Don't Have A Laundry Room? Hire A Plumber To Add One To The Garage

Posted on: 22 November 2016


Living without a dedicated laundry room can be frustrating due to the issues it can cause when it's time to do your laundry. Since being without a laundry room can lead to you needing to take trips back and forth to a laundromat and can be quite time-consuming, you may be eager to look into ways to implement a new laundry room in your home. If you've decided to get a laundry room in your home, but are lacking in space, you'll need to get creative.

The best way to implement laundry machines in a smaller home is to have one set up in your garage.

Add a Washing Machine

If you've decided to have a laundry room set up in your garage, you'll need to rely on a plumber for the project. The main reason why a professional plumber will need to come in and assist with your new laundry area is having a washing machine put in. The plumbing work involved in getting a washing machine installed makes it vital to bring in a professional who understands what is needed and how to install the new washing machine in your existing garage.

Install Large Sink

Another feature that you may want to have installed in your laundry room is a sink. With a large sink installed beside the washing machine and dryer, you'll be able take care of any hand washing. Since the sink will need to be hooked up with your existing plumbing work, it's vital that you have a plumber help take care of it. Their assistance can also help ensure that you're able to get extra features, such as quick heating for the water temperature and a nozzle that is detachable for easier washing.

Enlist Their Help With Placement

While you may already have some of your own goals with how to have a laundry area set up, a professional can help ensure that the plumbing work is done flawlessly. With a plumber there to assist you, you can be sure that the new plumbing work is done properly and that the water hookups all are in the ideal positions.

As you prepare for having your own laundry room put into the garage, you need to stop and make sure that you get the help of a plumbing contractor. If you're uncertain about what's involved in proper plumbing work for a laundry room, their help will be truly invaluable.