Unclogging A Hair Clog From A Tub With A Drain Stopper Without Using Harmful Chemicals

Posted on: 17 November 2016


If you have a bathtub with a drain stopper that traps water inside of the basin, and you discovered water is draining very slowly after you take a bath or shower, there may be a clog in the piping system causing this problem. In most cases, hair is the culprit for this type of condition. Clearing a hair clog with this type of drain may be able to be done on your own without using chemical agents in the process. Here are some tips to try to remove a hair clog from your tub with ease.

Remove The Drain Stopper

The drain stopper will need to be taken out of the tub basin so you can peer inside to see what type of clog is present. This is done by lifting the stopper as far as possible and turning the middle screw portion so it becomes detached from the shaft. After the screw is removed, the shaft can be pulled out of the drain using your fingers. Make sure to place both pieces in a safe place so you can replace them after the hair clog is removed.

Cut Hair If It Seems Excessive

After the stopper is removed, use a flashlight to peer into the drain to see if hair and other debris is present. The end of the pipe usually has a metal cross-hair portion present to help trap larger items from getting into the drainage system. If hair is abundant, it may be tangled around this metal piece. Use a long, thin utility knife to make cuts in the hair before attempting to remove it. This will make it easier to fish out of the drain, saving you some time.

Use A Wire To Fish Out The Hair

A metal coat hanger can be used to remove hair from the drain pipe. Straighten the coat hanger using a pair of pliers. Bend one end of the metal rod so it forms a hook. Insert this end of the hanger into the tub's drain. Wriggle the hanger around a bit to help snag any hair balls present from inside of the drain. Pull the coat hanger out of the pipe and dispose of any debris you were able to snake out of the drain. Repeat the process a few times to ensure you have removed as much of the hair as possible before you put the drain stopper back into place.

For help with really stubborn clogs, contact a plumber.