Do You Have A Well Pump? 2 Common Problems You May Have

Posted on: 15 November 2016


If you have a well pump for your home, you need to understand the common problems it can have even if your pump is brand new. Below are two of these problems so you will know what you should do to get them fixed.

Well Water Pump Short Cycles

A well pump has two pre-set pressures: a high pressure and a low pressure. When you turn on a faucet, the water pump fills a storage tank with water until it reaches the pre-set high pressure. When it reaches this pressure, the pump turns off automatically. As the faucet is running, the water decreases from the tank and the water pressure goes down until it reaches the pre-set low pressure. Once the water reaches the low pressure it automatically turns on again to refill the tank. If everything is working properly, you will hear your pump come on periodically throughout the day.

If you are hearing the water pump turn off and on more than normal, it is short cycling. This could be due to a water leak problem or the water pressure control switches may be damaged.

No Well Water Pressure

If the water pressure in your home has decreased rapidly, this could be due to many different things. There could be a problem with the pressure tank, the pipes and pumps may be clogged, the pump may need to be replaced, or the filter could be clogged.

In some cases, it is the actual water that is the problem. For example, your well may be drawing water that is high in iron, which would cause clogged pipes. The water table may be running low, which means your well does not have enough water to draw from.

The pressure switch for the water well pump may be the problem. If this switch is bad, it cannot control the water pressure in your pump. Fortunately, you can check the pressure switch on your own to see if this is the problem you are having. If you find you have a bad pressure switch, you may be able to replace it on your own.

If you have had any storms lately, a power surge may have caused the breaker for your water well to trip. Turn the breaker off and then back on again to see if this fixes your problem.

Contact a water pump service company, such as County Pump & Supply Co, if you have any of these problems and cannot get them resolved to help you.