2 Reasons To Hire A Plumbing Service For Clogged Pipes

Posted on: 11 November 2016


One of the most irritating and common plumbing issues that you will run into is a clogged pipe, mostly because clogged pipes can do everything from causing your sinks to drain slowly to preventing your toilet from removing waste from your home. Listed below are two reasons to hire a plumbing service for clogged pipes.

Your Clog May Be Hard To Reach

One of the primary reasons to hire a plumbing service for clogged pipes is that the blockage may not always be in an easy to reach location. For example, a clog can very easily form in the sewage pipes that connect your home to the municipal sewer system, which is typically buried in your yard. In that situation, the plumber will likely have to unbury the pipe and detach it in order to find the blockage and remove it.

Another situation that you can run into with a clogged pipe is that the clog could be located well outside of the range of typical drain cleaning tools or chemicals. An example of this would be if the clog developed in a portion of your pipes that is in the walls instead of near the drain.

In that example, the plumber will need to not only open up your walls to reach the affected pipe, but also take apart the pipe network to find and remove the clog. In both of the aforementioned examples, the amount of work and effort that is required means that the job is best left to a plumbing service instead of trying to do it yourself.

Your Pipes Can Be Easily Damaged

Another reason to hire a plumbing service to deal with clogged pipes is that your pipes can often be easily damaged if you attempted to clear them on your own. For example, attempting to use a drain snake tool or a drain auger can cause serious damage to your pipes and drains if you use too much force when attempting to clear the pipes. In addition, it can also be very risky to use drain cleaning chemicals due to the fact that those chemicals are quite caustic, which can cause them to burn through or melt some types of pipes. 

However, a plumbing service will be able to identify the materials that your pipes are constructed from so that they can then choose the chemical that is least likely to damage that material. A nice added bonus to letting the plumbing service handle the chemicals is that you do not have to keep very harmful chemicals in your home that can create a hazard for your pets or children. In addition, if the plumbing service does have to use a snaking tool to remove the clog, they will be able to use the correct amount of force to prevent permanent damage to your drains or pipes. 

Contact a plumbing service today if you are experiencing the symptoms of a clogged pipe, such as a slowly draining sink, backed up drains, or a toilet that is not flushing the waste out of your home. A plumbing service is ideal for dealing with those issues as the clog may very well be in a hard-to-reach location and because your pipes can be easily damaged.