Building A Treehouse For Grownups? Include A Plumber On Your Design Team

Posted on: 6 April 2016


Treehouses aren't just for kids anymore. Grownups with big yards and big trees are building luxury treehouses to serve as home offices, mini-retreats, meditation spaces, guest houses, and even summer homes. If you're going to invest in a luxury treehouse, however, make sure that you discuss the following issues with a plumber while building in order to make it the sort of place that appeals best to grownups.

1.) Aesthetics 

Your plumber needs to be involved in the building process because that's the only way to make sure that the pipes can deliver water where you need it in the treehouse and carry the water away again without having a big, ugly mess of pipes visible from the ground. That could easily spoil the charm of an overwise beautiful treehouse. It takes a little ingenuity, but pipes can be hidden in the framework and underneath the stairs. This can also minimize the amount of exposure the pipes have to elements and make insulating them against cold weather easier.

2.) Flexibility 

Plumbing also has to be flexible. Since treehouses are built on a living foundation, they move in strong winds. Pipe systems have to be able to move with the tree, or they'll snap. High-density polyethylene pipes offer excellent flexibility when compared to metal or rigid plastic pipes and need fewer joints, which means fewer spots that are prone to easy breaks. The pipes are also less likely to burst during cold weather; at least one expert indicates that they'll endure five or six freeze-thaw cycles while copper won't survive one.

3.) Drainage

Water from drains also has to be diverted away from the base of the tree house in order to make sure that you don't end up with sewage problems. Aside from not wanting raw sewage to empty out right where your stairs begin, you also want to make sure that lines are installed far enough away from tree roots that you aren't dealing with constant clogs in the line.

4.) Space 

Space is limited in even the nicest treehouse, so it helps to include a plumber's insights when you're strategizing the placement of rooms. Tucking a laundry room in with a galley kitchen and locating your bathroom close by can allow you to keep your plumbing all located in one area. Innovations like tankless water heater installation can give you access to ready hot water, without having to store 40 or 50 gallons of water up a tree.

A modern-day treehouse with all the comforts of regular home can be a fantastic extra space to have for your home. Just make sure that you engage a plumber's services early on in order to take advantage of his or her foresight when drafting your plans.