Three Septic Systems Solutions To Reduce Maintenance And Conserve

Posted on: 11 August 2015


If you are one of the many homeowners that does not have a municipal sewer service, a septic system is needed to treat water waste. There are many different types of septic systems, which can have multiple tanks, separate greywater and aerobatic treatment systems. Improvements to your tanks and drain field can help to reduce maintenance and conserve water. Here is how your septic system can be improved:

1. Multi-Chamber Tank To Reduce Solid Waste Problems

Many septic systems have more than one tank. If you want to reduce potential problems, installing a multi-chamber tank can reduce problems. With a separate chambers, solid waste and affluent will be separated. This can prevent solids from getting in the drain field and causing problems. It can also improve bacteria and breaking down solids for better treatment of the waste. Aerobatic systems are a good example of a multi-chamber tank system.  In each chamber, the waste goes through a treatment process. These systems are often required in areas where a conventional septic system cannot be installed.

2. Separate Greywater Tank For Reuse Of Water For Irrigation

Another option to reduce problems with your septic system is to install a greywater tank. This tank can be just like your septic tank, but collect greywater from things like appliances and sinks. The water can then be reused for irrigation and outdoor chores that require water. This can help to reduce water consumption and save on irrigation costs. Greywater is clean water that can be reused for many tasks. With a small amount of filtering, you can even reuse greywater for things like flushing toilets.

3. Alternative Drain Field Designs To Reduce Groundwater Contamination

Another area of your septic system that can be improved is the drain field. You can use alternatives like wetland treatment systems to help prevent ground water contamination. These systems will also have fewer problems with clogged and backed up lines. Mound systems are another option, which can also include liners to make the drain field completely self contained. With a mound system, landscaping structures can be used to hide the septic drain field. You can also use chambered drain lines and liners for better drainage of affluent to prevent problems with your septic system.

These are some ways that you septic system can be improved to reduce maintenance and conserve water. If you want to have your septic system improved, contact a septic tank service, like AAA Septic Tank Service, and talk with them about doing some of these improvements.